COM: Cockpit USA

COM (Company Of the Month) I’m blessed to be able to experience a wide variety of stores, companies, & it’s goods. The ‘uncommon’ & ‘good’ things I see from time to time, I think is fair to share with you netizens* sound the trumpets bap-bap-baaah-bap-bap-bap-bapp-bap-bap-bahhhh!  Without further adieu, I present to you my our first COM entry!

Starting out as a humble mail order catalog company, Jeff & his wife Jacky Clyman built a company from the ground up, called Cockpit USA. Three words that is in Clyman’s mind at all times: Airshows, World War II & Leather. Jeff would gain people’s attention and curiosity by simply wearing his father’s leather flight jacket around, was this the spark of Cockpit USA? Quite possibly. The year before I was born came a turning point for the company, they step out of the dark and hit the spot light of ‘Topgun” Yes, THEE TOPGUN featuring our second favorite scientologist guru Tom Cruise (1st being Brandy). Back then their SOHO retail store on 595 Broadway (current location being 652 Bway) was the first ever themed fashion store in that area. The current store is , in a lack of terms, a storeseum=a hybrid of a store+museum.  You enter a store that smelled of cologne the masculine kind, none of that Hollister/Aberacrombie headache-kind**. Then you are bombarded with figurines and posters of the 30’s & 40’s US-of-A feel. In other words Ben Affleck of Pearl Harbor, that Ben would’ve gone shopping here. These pieces of near authentic jackets & shirts, make you forget that you’re in a store, and you find yourself having a hard time touching things, afraid that it’s just on display. This company as a whole kept it’s promise of being a fashion historian, capturing the smell, weight, & feel of Clyman’s dream. Cockpit USA, a time capsule for us to discover.



*This blog was initially made for myself, however the more I realize you people having fun reading it, makes me want to write more and better entries. So here is a shoutout to all you net-surfers & netizens.

**My first official online smackage.


One response to “COM: Cockpit USA

  1. I LOVE COCKPIT but it’s sooo expensive 😦

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